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View of the beach from the shore, the whale can be seen lain out in the sand.

Baleful howls are heard over the seaside wind. In their discord you sense, despair... hatred... and... longing? There's a hamlet built on the rocks above you and after your long voyage your bones ache for rest; who knows what awaits you within the village's dour alleys, bridges and moats. [1]


The beach is small at high tide and flanked by rocky outcroppings on each side. It is smothered the mountains surrounding it and the hamlet built on its shores.

There is a whale carcass in the shadows at the end of the sand, cut open and wasting away. Stripped bare, all that remains of its body now is the limp flesh that once clutched strong bones. It will blubber and murmur at you, but nothing that can be heard over the strong gale. It eventually slips afloat into the water.

On the northern flank there is a bit of rock where some statues can be found; built into the sand and outwards. On the beach, if you look down into the water, you can see white waves beneath the surface.


The figures can be found bent doubled in prayer, with nothing but their noses and outstretched arms shown through their clothing. Their palms touch the floor and their noses, comically large, face upwards towards the sky, as though smelling something from up above. Some of these statues are built out to sea, perched atop pillars with hands (and nose) outstretched above them.


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