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“Entering the room, a user named Wilhelm sits in a large leather backed chair. He is oblivious to the world around him, crudely bent over a Mac 13” Powerbook and tapping away. He mutters something about a page edit being poorly formatted…”

Alongside Mephu, I created this site and contributed to many of its pages. I have also written a series of roleplay-esque place descriptions, littered throughout the site! However, this is a relatively small operation so I spend a lot of my time correcting page vandalism instead of making good edits.

In real life

I am an artist working in Cambridgeshire, trying to capture some of the otherness of my landscape, in dusk or dawn. Some of my work is strongly monochrome, but I sometimes employ expressive colour to try and reveal the transformative power of the space.

I live in a village with my wife; my two children have left the nest. We take care of an old dog and a slightly younger cat (though still getting on), both of which are almost completely inert now.


This site is simply about documenting something that myself and all the other editors on the site enjoy. We were astonished to find no-one had done it yet, so we went ahead and did it ourselves. We aim to provide the most information on the subject as possible and for all interpretations to be backed up strongly by supporting evidence.