Lump of Wax

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After Luminary Ramon first harvested the chrism, they brought it into a cave and left it in a bowl at its centre, so that everyone in their numbers would know where to find it. As more wax was poured into the bowl, the puddle grew into a great lake.

As the font became larger and larger, more and more dead were thrown into its vessel, until the great drips and rivers were filled with the slowly healing bodies of animals. However, it could never cure their disease and as the pits became bigger, so too did they become adulterated, until great swathes of those hateful insects circled the darkened halls of the Yellow Lake.

Now, the bending effects of the lake make it so that everything crashes together or separates like oil and water. Here, everything feels as though in stasis, even the rivers move at a snail’s pace.

The wax is still warm, as if freshly extracted.